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Laser Cutting

Industry-leading laser cutting
and material quality to meet
your specifications and deadline
every time.

Sheet metal bending services

Sheet Metal Bending

Looking for a reliable and affordable sheet metal bending service? Look no further than the professionals at Cheps Laser!

Metal Fabrication

Cheps Laser offers on-site Cutting, Welding and fabrication services of all materials! 

All types of Steel, Any finish

Standard priming, painting, powder coating, galvanising and zinc plating. We deliver end-to-end solutions so your product is delivered to you, ready for it’s use.

Need your project urgently?

Cheps Laser offer 24/7 turnaround services for all urgent projects required, feel free to contact us for more information to see if we can assist you!

Our Laser Cutting Services

Using the latest laser cutting equipment that can cut all types of metals, and thicknesses. We can work from your designs, or create custom designs for you.

Mild Steel

Cutting Mild Steel up to 16mm thick.


Cutting Aluminium up to 8mm thick.

Stainless Steel

Cutting Stainless Steel up to 8mm thick.


Cutting Brass up to 8mm thick.

Why Choose Us

At Cheps Laser, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We ensure that our quality management system ensures our commitment to service, and that the service we provide is not only consistent, but the best in the market. We offer a diverse range of laser-related services to industrial and commercial industry.
We are dedicated to assisting our customers with exceptional services, up-to-date technology, manufacturing solutions and cost-effective services.

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